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Indigenous Programming at FIFA 2023

Beaded, totemic and performance art

The First Peoples’ Festival is proud to co-present film screenings dedicated to the artistic expression of First Peoples that have been programmed as part of the upcoming Festival des films sur l’art.

Not to be missed, a carte blanche with the directors of UHU-labos nomades, a multimedia creation company active with Aboriginal communities, on March 25, at Concordia University’s J.A. de Sève Hall.

The selection of short films includes Gyaangee: Beyond Being Silenced, a short Canadian documentary by Charles Wilkinson about Haida artist Robert Davidson, which will have its Canadian premiere; XAR – Sueño de Obsidiana by Edgar Calel and Fernando Pereira dos Santos, about a ritual performed in Brazil by a Mayan Kqchikel artist from Guatemala in the famous building (signed Niemeyer! ) of the Sao Paulo Biennial; and Craig Commanda’s Mokadjige, a meditative essay on beading.

All the rich FIFA program on the festival website:


Mis en ligne 22-12-07

Our Village COP15

  Our Village COP15, an interactive community hub, gets to Montreal featuring key calls to action from leaders within the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB) & the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities (GATC).   If Not Us Then Who? (INUTW) and Land InSights/Terres en vues are pleased to announce their collaboration in the organization of Our Village…

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Mis en ligne 22-12-06

33ʳᵈ Montreal International First Peoples’ Festival: call for films for the 2023 edition

The call for films for the 33rd First Peoples’ Festival, to be held in Montreal from August 8 to 17, 2023, is now online. The Montreal First Peoples’ Festival is a flagship event for artistic creation and the cultural renaissance of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and the world. The festival shows recent audio-visual works that…

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Mis en ligne 22-12-01

Call for films for the First Peoples’ Festival 2023

Submit your film for the August 8-17, 2023 edition via Deadline: March 15, 2023 RULES 1. The festival accepts works created in 2020-2021-2022-2023. 2. Films must have English or French subtitles when they are not in said languages. French subtitles are welcome for all films. 3. We primarily seek works made by Indigenous authors, but we also…

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Mis en ligne 22-08-16

Awards of the 32nd First Peoples’ Festival

Best Cinematography El Gran Movimiento, Kiro Russo, Bolivia 2021 Special Mention : Returning Home, Sean Stiller, Canada 2021 Best International Short Film Award : Flores de la llanura, Mariana X. Rivera, Mexico 2021 Special Mention: Háldi, Ann Holmgren, Norway 2021 Best Canadian short film – Radio-Canada Espaces autochtones Award (works by Aboriginal filmmakers located in Canada) with…

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Mis en ligne 20220726

Pope, not pope, let’s go! The 32nd International First Peoples’ Festival unveils its program

Montreal, July 26, 2022. More important than Rome, its pomp and circumstance and its repentance, Aboriginal art stands up, rises up and proudly asserts itself. Anger, joy and hope are its cardinal virtues. The Montreal First Peoples’ Festival, which takes place this year from August 9th to 18th, is an epiphanic moment of encounters, concerts, screenings, and…

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Mis en ligne 22-06-22

Cultures premières : Terres en vues annonce de nombreuses activités pour le Mois de l’histoire autochtone

Montréal, le 1er juin 2022. Les cultures des peuples premiers seront à l’honneur en juin, celui-ci étant désormais consacré Mois de l’histoire autochtone; une série d’activités culmineront le 21 juin avec les célébrations du Jour national des peuples autochtones. Terres en vues est fière des partenariats qu’il a conclus qui permettent d’offrir au public des moments de…

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