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Mis en ligne 22-12-06

33ʳᵈ Montreal International First Peoples’ Festival: call for films for the 2023 edition

The call for films for the 33rd First Peoples’ Festival,
to be held in Montreal from August 8 to 17, 2023, is now online.

The Montreal First Peoples’ Festival is a flagship event for artistic creation and the cultural
renaissance of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and the world. The festival shows recent
audio-visual works that reflect the culture, history, spirituality and the contemporary reality of
Indigenous Peoples. A place of creation, encounters and discoveries, the multidisciplinary event
unfolds over ten days in August. The Place des Festivals, with its giant teepee, becomes the
beating heart of an intense artistic activity that radiates throughout the city. First Peoples’
cinema is in the spotlight in a competitive selection of recent works; numerous prizes and awards
are offered to the winners.

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