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Mis en ligne 23-07-28

Twice Colonized by Lin Alluna opens the 33rd International First Peoples Festival Tuesday, August 8th – 7:30 pm at Cinéma Impérial Protagonist Aaju Peter in attendance

Montreal, July 27th. The 33rd International First Peoples Festival will open on August 8th at cinema Impérial with the Quebec Premiere of Lin Alluna’s first feature documentary Twice Colonized in the presence of protagonist Aaju Peter. The film is a Greenland, Denmark, Canada production (in English, Inuktitut, Danish) with French subtitles. Caroline Monnet’s short film Spring will precede this screening.

Following the death of her son, Aaju Peter embarks on a frantic quest to recover her language and culture, from which she was cut off by colonial assimilation policies. Finding herself, healing wounds, overcoming traumas, confronting colonialism, changing the world… is that mission impossible? Twice Colonized, backed up by seven years of filming, shows that courage, emotion and conviction can combine to have a lasting influence on the course of history.

Lin Alluna is a Danish director who expresses herself through character-driven documentaries. With her films she aims to portray brave women who want to change the world, while cinematically exploring how to amplify their stories to an audience. Twice Colonized premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2023 and was the opening film at CPH:DOX 2023 (Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival). Besides directing, she teaches filmmaking and she is the Danish film director’s representative adviser at the Danish Artists Council.

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