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Activités spéciales

Friday, August 11

noon to 5:30 pm

NFB Space

1500, Rue Balmoral, Montréal, Québec, H3A 2H7.

Virtual reality film  « This is not a Ceremony »

Virtual reality film  « This is not a Ceremony » from niitsitapi director Ahnahktsipiitaa (Colin Van Loon) at NFB Space

2022 | 20 min 56 s.
Cinematic VR Experience
English, Blackfoot with English subtitles

Niitsitapi writer and director Ahnahktsipiitaa (Colin Van Loon) takes us beyond the veil of traditional media and transports us directly into another realm, where past, present and future are one; where colonial rules and assumptions are forgotten; and where we can finally get to the truth of the matter.

Presented in stunning cinematic VR, the narrative unfolds all around us, on a dream-like plane of existence. Panoramas flow and merge, stories come to life and dance before our eyes, and community protocols confront our notions of personal responsibility. Here, we are asked to witness some of the darker sides of living life in Canada while Indigenous.

This unforgettable experience will stay with you long after it’s over. THIS IS NOT A CEREMONY calls on all who’ve watched to take action, to share what they have seen and heard, to learn from these tragedies and never forget—so that they will never happen again.

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