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Activités spéciales

Saturday, August 12

6 pm

McCord Stewart Museum

690, Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, Québec, H3A 1E9.

Screening Wapikoni and indigenous languages

6 to 8 pm:
Screening of the Innu-language short film program Tshitanishkutapananat umeshkanamuau – Le chemin de nos ancêtres, in honour of the Decade of Aboriginal Languages.

In the presence of Wapikoni ambassador and film artist Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush, Innu from Nutashkuan.


Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush (August 12 at the McCord Museum)

Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush welcomed Wapikoni to her Innu community in 2009, when the mobile audiovisual and musical training and creation studio made its first visit to Nutashkuan. This relationship has continued for over 10 years.

She was responsible for mobilization and collective impact at Wapikoni. She has over ten short films to her credit, many of them fiction. She is the first Aboriginal woman to graduate in film directing from INIS. She is currently learning editing and would like to learn photography direction.

Jani, who is pursuing a career as a filmmaker, is currently writing her first feature film with filmmaker and mentor Bertrand Desrochers. She has visited several countries thanks to her films. Her dream is to have an all-Aboriginal technical crew and an Oscar nomination.

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