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Place des festivals

Friday, August 11

8:30 pm

Place des Festivals

1499, Rue Jeanne-Mance, Montréal, Québec.

Joseph Sarenhes

Radio-Canada Musical Revelation of the Year, Joseph is a young artist of Guinean and Aboriginal origin (Huron-Wendat Nation) from Quebec City. He instinctively creates a mix that is both homogeneous and refreshing between tradition and current trends. Bringing a tone sometimes Hip-hop, sometimes Rock and through R&B, this young singer demonstrates all these styles, while incorporating traditional Afro-Native elements. Playing piano, guitar and African percussion, he creates an empowering and incredibly energetic atmosphere while incorporating his voice, his ”flow” and his message. A singular talent that is already the pride of Quebec’s province. Joseph has distinguished himself with his musicality and by the power and quality with which he performs live. It is because of his versatility and giftedness in music that the impact of his message continues to grow, notably by having been named ”First Up with RBCxMusic featured artist” 2023. For Joseph, authenticity is what drives him. It allows him to proudly share his art, all over the world. In the Wendat language, ”Sarenhes” means: The tree whose top is the highest. Joseph humbly decided to reclaim his real family name, which had been taken from his ancestors during evangelism. Joseph directs his music to become a unifying medium that will inspire and leave a positive impact on Indigenous youth and all others. 

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