2017-08-01Montréal rapaillé

Earth and waters join forces so that, from time immemorial, fraternity among peoples has found expression here.

From the mountain’s summit, as Kondiaronk declares, the tree of peace shines, convening humans from all horizons to gather beneath its foliage.

We call upon the spirits of the place so that, from our artistic encounters around the cultures of the First Peoples, the tranquil strength of respect for differences can emerge in shared friendship.

The great stories from the Indigenous tradition find a new voice in the territory where they were born, taking new paths to touch...

2017-08-01Return of the fireflies

Cruising on a bike ( See This Spirit Bike ), dancing to the lively airs of the Métis fiddle ( Hands to the Sky ) or gliding on the enchanted exhalations of dream ( Four Faces of the Moon; Johogoi Aiyy ), the Indigenous soul impetuously seeks anchorage in the present time where it is most needed as the Earth grows poorer at headlong speed through deforestation ( Frères des arbres, l’appel d’un chef papou ), targeting peoples ( A Time To Swim ) while the law of profit for the benefit of the few has become a universal rule.

Feeling the coming spirit, some knock on doors of shamans, who offer them...


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