2017-08-01Montréal rapaillé

Earth and waters join forces so that, from time immemorial, fraternity among peoples has found expression here.

From the mountain’s summit, as Kondiaronk declares, the tree of peace shines, convening humans from all horizons to gather beneath its foliage.

We call upon the spirits of the place so that, from our artistic encounters around the cultures of the First Peoples, the tranquil strength of respect for differences can emerge in shared friendship.

The great stories from the Indigenous tradition find a new voice in the territory where they were born, taking new paths to touch the hearts of the multitudes.

Our cultures are based on sharing. They flourish in the midst of a great feast of gathering, and blossom for the benefit of all.

We call upon the telluric forces that bring upheaval and reversals to our agapes. On the ruins of old certainties, a new epoch calls to us. Let us salute it with our songs and our dances.

Welcome to all: Montréal First Peoples Festival 2017 will commence.

- André Dudemaine