Film Award event

27th Montréal First Peoples Festival

Teueikan Award – 1st Prize
(artistic merit)
Kuun metsän Kaisa - Katja Gauriloff – Finland 2016

Teueikan Award – 2nd Prize
Johogoi Aiyy - Sergey Potapov – Russia 2016

Rigoberta-Menchu Award – 1st Prize
(social significance)
Tribal Justice - Anne Makepeace – USA 2017

Rigoberta-Menchu Award – 2nd Prize
Martírio - Vincent Carelli, Ernesto de Carvalho, Tita (Tatiana Almeida) – Brazil 2016

APTN Award
(for the work of an Indigenous filmmaker in Canada during the past year)
Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, director of Angry Inuk – Canada 2016

Séquences magazine

Séquences Award best documentary
Kuun metsän Kaisa - Katja Gauriloff – Finland 2016

Séquences Special Mention: A Time to Swim - Ashley DuongCanada 2016

Séquences Special Tribute: Vincent Carelli, for his body of work on the occasion of the screening of Martirio about the Guarani-Kaiowá’s struggle

Main Film Emerging Filmmaker Award
(best short amongst early works by an Indigenous filmmaker, awarded by Main Film – co-op for independent filmmakers)
Ukiuktaqtumi - Stephen Agluvak Puskas – Canada 2016

Animation Award
Four Faces of the Moon - Amanda Strong – Canada 2016

Short Film Award
Gods Acre - Kelton Stepanowich – Canada 2015

The festival wishes to thank the Rigoberta Menchú Tum Foundation, Ms Lesvia Vela, Ms Aury Cuxé and Mr Carlos Alberto Tamup Canil for their invaluable assistance.