Dates - July 31st to August 8th 2012

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Kanakan Balatingos, his indigenous name, AKA Aureus Solito, was still an emerging filmmaker when he received the Séquences journal prize for best documentary at 2005 Montreal First Peoples Festival. This was his first international award; long before his film Busong was selected for the “Directors’ Fortnight“ section at the Cannes festival.


Busong, Boy, Here I Am, Toomelah, presented in their Montreal premiere (and Canadian, for Toomelah, the opening film) in this 22nd edition, are all works emerging from First cultures, whose directors have been recognized by prestigious podiums (Cannes, the Oscars, Sundance, etc.) during their careers. For people who attended previous Montreal First Peoples Festivals, Balatingos, Taika Waititi, Beck Cole and Ivan Sen are familiar on the marquee.

Following the rising tide of Indigenous peoples’ cultural affirmation, and of the cinema this movement has brought forth, the festival has grown from youth to maturity, and in partnership with a high-level conference, has become a beacon over the years for an artistic and social phenomenon ongoing throughout the world.

Including Sioui-Durand’s Mesnak, a total of five full-length feature films by directors from the Palawan, Maori, Aborigine and Wendat nations will be screened at the festival in 2012.

The Grammar of HappinessNoam Chomsky appears in two documentaries, Lévi-Strauss in one. The figure of the Amerindian, with distinctive languages and cultures, continues to find a place in the intellectual landscape as a partner in dialogue for the great Western thinkers in an authentic dialogue between civilizations. Festival guest Dan Everett will remind us to what extent the language of the Pirahã people, which he has studied and described, questions the foundations of contemporary linguistics. This is the precise subject of the film The Grammar of Happiness; while We Still Live Here is the story of the revival of a language that had disappeared.

But transmission remains a challenge for damaged societies, marked by the many assaults to which they have fallen victims. Painful realities that appear between the lines in several films: forming the background of Mi Chacra, a peasant chronicle about a fragile Quechua farming community in its eternal beauty, facing off against creeping urbanization, Sip’ohi, a contemplative look at an urban Aboriginal who seeks out the words of the elders of his nation in northern Argentina, Granito: How to Nail a Dictator, speaking out against impunity for genocidal generals in Guatemala and Apu Ui Nepian (Je ne veux pas mourir), which takes us into the forest with Aboriginal homeless people who are seeking a path to healing.

In all these cases, eyes turn to the future, where life must stubbornly find a way to go on.


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Shorts films
Full-length films


8th Fire Any time Web Diffusion Documentary serie
Tuesday July 31
Dans ton coeur 7:00pm Grande Bibliothèque Animation
Racines de l'art, Les 7:00pm Grande Bibliothèque Documentaire
Skátne Ronatehiaróntie 7:00pm Grande Bibliothèque Animation
Toomelah 7:00pm Grande Bibliothèque Fiction
Wednesday August 1
Historical Landmark 6:30pm NFB Cinema Expérimental
Toomelah 6:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Twisted Sage 6:30pm NFB Cinema Expérimental
6th World, The 8:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Kwoni 8:30pm NFB Cinema Expérimental
Ok Breathe Auralee 8:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
We Still Live Here — Âs Nutayuneân 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Thursday August 2
Charlie Pisuk 6:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Grammar of Happiness, The 6:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Whakatiki 6:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Smoke Traders 7:00pm Kahnawake's Legion Hall Documentaire
How Chipmunk Got Its Stripes 8:30pm NFB Cinema Animation
Mi Chacra 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Friday August 3
Aci ni micta cikateriten (Je commence à m'ennuyer) 5:00pm NFB Cinema Expérimental
Aitun (Coutumes) 5:00pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Chevelure de la vie 5:00pm NFB Cinema Expérimental
Dans ton coeur 5:00pm NFB Cinema Animation
Joie de vivre, La 5:00pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Journal d'un sevrage 5:00pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
My box 5:00pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
N'teishkan 5:00pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Nos sentiments volés 5:00pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Nuestra casa grande 5:00pm NFB Cinema Animation
Que tal James 5:00pm NFB Cinema Animation
Sauvages perdus 5:00pm NFB Cinema Animation
Last Mittens of Winter 6:30pm NFB Cinema Expérimental
Niso Kakastesinowin 6:30pm NFB Cinema Expérimental 6:30pm NFB Cinema Vidéo clip
Smoke Traders 6:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Creator's Game, The: The Quest for Gold and the Fight for Nationhood 7:00pm Kahnawake's Legion Hall Documentaire
Skátne Ronatehiaróntie 7:00pm Kahnawake's Legion Hall Animation
To Feel the Earth 7:00pm Kahnawake's Legion Hall Documentaire
Granito: How to Nail a Dictator 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
R Seymore Goes North 8:30pm NFB Cinema Expérimental
Saturday August 4
Des Dérives de l’art aux dérivés du pétrole 3:00pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Nguënén, El Engaño 4:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Eka utshite - N'oublie pas 6:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Himbas font leur cinéma!, Les 6:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Nos sentiments volés 6:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Reviens-moi 6:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Skátne Ronatehiaróntie 6:30pm NFB Cinema Animation
Nuestra casa grande 8:30pm NFB Cinema Animation
Que tal James 8:30pm NFB Cinema Animation
Shawantama'ana, Lugar de Espera 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Aci ni micta cikateriten (Je commence à m'ennuyer) 9:00pm Place des Festivals Expérimental
Chevelure de la vie 9:00pm Place des Festivals Expérimental
Mesnak 9:00pm Place des Festivals Fiction
Sunday August 5
Legend of Kaianuet, The 3:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Tshakapesh 3:30pm NFB Cinema Animation
Amaqqut Nunaat 5:00pm NFB Cinema Animation
Journal d'un sevrage 5:00pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Life on Victor Street 5:00pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
only & agony 5:00pm NFB Cinema Expérimental
Où tu vas toi? 5:00pm NFB Cinema Expérimental
Here I Am 6:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Spirit of the Bluebird 6:30pm NFB Cinema Animation
Busong 8:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Keepers of the Water 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Aitun (Coutumes) 9:00pm Place des Festivals Documentaire
Apu ui nepian / Je ne veux pas mourir 9:00pm Place des Festivals Documentaire
Joie de vivre, La 9:00pm Place des Festivals Documentaire
Sauvages perdus 9:00pm Place des Festivals Animation
Monday August 6
Chased - Version 2 6:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Choke 6:30pm NFB Cinema Animation
Dump, The 6:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Fight 6:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
I Need You, Need Me 6:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Not I 6:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Bicyclettes de Nhanderú 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Krohokrenhum: "Eu não posso morrer de graça" 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Tuesday August 7
Ia Orana Québec 6:00pm Centre culturel Simon Bolivar Documentaire
Nomade en ville 6:00pm Centre culturel Simon Bolivar Documentaire
My box 6:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Sip'ohi - El lugar del Manduré 6:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Betsiamites 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Desterro Guarani 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Mon rêve ressemble à une paix qui se bat pour sa tranquillité 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Wednesday August 8
Jopói, todos juntos 6:00pm Centre culturel Simon Bolivar Documentaire
Boy 6:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Motika Graveyard 6:30pm NFB Cinema Fiction
Chevelure de la vie 8:30pm NFB Cinema Expérimental
History is Unwritten 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire
Trópico da Saudade 8:30pm NFB Cinema Documentaire