Now is the Time

Maintenant plus que jamais
Friday, April 2 2021 - 6:00 pm
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english, haida OV
/ french ST
Fiction / 16 minutes
Christopher Auchter


Scriptwriter : Christopher Auchter


In 1969, the NFB filmed the setting up of a totem pole in Haida Gwaii; a backward-looking practice, it was believed at the time. Revisiting the archives, Haida filmmaker Christopher Auchter reframes the perspective: it is by looking forward that Robert Davidson created this totem pole, an inaugural gesture opening a period of artistic and spiritual renaissance for the Haida nation.
Prix Radio-Canada Espaces autochtones Now is the Time, by Christopher Auchter The carving of a totem pole, at the initiative of a young Haida, revived an art that colonialism had eradicated from the territory and proved to be the decisive moment in the life of Robert Davidson, who later became an internationally renowned sculptor. This historic event, far from being a nostalgic return to a bygone past, as was mistakenly assumed at the time, was an avant-garde act that was the first step towards the cultural and social awakening of the Haida nation. For revisiting the archives in order to reconstruct the reality of a people's experience as it moves towards its sovereign affirmation, and for having fashioned with the precision of a jeweler a cinematic gem celebrating resurgent Aboriginal culture, the jury of Présence autochtone awards the Best Canadian Short Film - Prix Radio-Canada Espaces autochtones to Now is the Time, by Christopher Auchter.
Main Film Emerging Talent Award Christophe Auchter for Now is the Time By taking up the narrative thread underlying the NFB's film archives dating back to the 1960s; by reinserting it in a contemporary narrative that reflects the rebirth of Haida art with the carving of a historical totem pole; skillfully intertwining hybrid elements, bits of animation, interviews, news footage, songs and music; by creating a mosaic film in tribute to the major role of Aboriginal artists in the current awakening of First Nations, with consummate artistry in editing, combined with captivating skill as a talented storyteller, Haida filmmaker Christophe Auchter has produced a remarkable work and has been awarded the Main Film Emerging Talent Award.


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Selwyn Jacob

Production house or group : ONF


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