Sam Ojeda - Credit photo : Mario FaubertMontreal First Peoples’s international Festival is pleased to announce that the Place des Festivals in Montreal will host a lively and festive animation from August 7 to 9. During the week-end, artists from First Nations will perform in the afternoons. The indigenous imagination with its mythical animals and tutelary spirits, will be embodied in the effigies that will be erected or will move on the Place des Festivals, recalling the auspicious hours of the International Montreal First Peoples’ Festival in this location, while announcing rebirths to come in post-pandemic times. The eye of the passer-by will linger on the works of the Mitchif artist Christi Belcourt, displayed on Sainte-Catherine Street, evoking water, the nourishing territory, Mother Earth.

Here are the artists who will be present for impromptu live performances:

Friday August 7

* Musical performances at the end of the afternoon:

Kanen: Ukulele / Vocals, 2 singers

Sam Ojeda, traditional dancer

Eadsé: voice / piano, Wendat singer

* Stroll of oversized puppets embodying the fabulous creatures of legends of the Aboriginal tradition: departures from Sainte-Catherine, between Jeanne-Mance and Balmoral.

Saturday August 8

* 2 puppeteers and the traditional dancer Sam Ojeda will participate in the Ambulatory of the Amitié Nuestro Américana which has its own multicultural activity that day.

* Strolling oversized puppets

Sunday August 9

* Musical performances in the afternoon:

Sam Ojeda, traditional dancer to recorded music

Laura Niquay; : voice / guitar, Atikamekw folk singer

* Strolling oversized puppets

Without forgetting the online concert, Transcestral, meets Sufi and indigenous music, which will be held on Friday August 7 at noon and will be accessible live on the festival site; then, from August 10, in rebroadcast with an edited version.