APTN Masterclass - Documentary Filmmaker

Kim O'Bomsawin 

Director (ARRQ) and Scriptwriter (SARTEC)

Kim O'Bomsawin is of Abenaki origin. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Sociology prior to starting her career as a Documentary Filmmaker. She has worked on many productions for APTN,Canal D and Radio-Canada.The motivation behind her work is to help people discover the world of First Nations by promoting positive stories. She has collaborated in the development of several documentary series, either as a Documentary Filmmaker or as an Assistant Director  – La Cité (APTN), Je ne veux pas mourir (APTN/ Canal D), Le rythme des Nations (APTN). The medium-length documentary La Ligne rouge, which she authored, is also her first documentary as a Director. It is about young Indigenous hockey players. (APTN, Canal D) Since then, she has produced the web-documentary Kirano (Radio Canada), which draws the portraits of ten inspiring and committed Indigenous personalities. She has also co-directed the documentary series Motetan Mamo (Let's Walk Together) (APTN), which portrays the Atikamekw nation from the perspective of their encounter with Quebeckers.

More recently, she wrote and directed the feature-length documentary, Ce silence qui tue, about the tragedy of the missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada (Canal D et APTN), and the documentary From Teweikan to Electro, which offers a return to the sources of First Nations music through the portrait of three young artists (Radio Canada).

She is currently working on several feature- length documentary film projects on various topics, including one on Indigenous justice (Radio Canada) and one on childhood (NFB). Also coming soon is a film about the world of Innu poet Joséphine Bacon (Radio Canada).



Tuesday, August 14 2018 - 2:30 pm
Espace Culturel Ashukan