Films retrouvés : Perú nativo, los años 1970

Saturday, August 6 2016 - 3:00 pm


Three films were sleeping in boxes, out of sight for over 40 years. Introducing these forgotten gems, filmmaker Carlos Ferrand will comment a turbulent era in Peru. A time during which he filmed in native communities from the Amazonian low lands to the heights of the Andes.

« In the early 70's in Peru, I started shooting films for the Reforma Agraria organisation, when the socialist military government took away the land from the handful of owners who had been exploiting them for centuries. Our group of filmmakers crisscrossed the country bearing witness to to the social upheaval. The respite was brief and the right took back the power. Our group scattered, and most of our work was lost. But lately some films and photos have resurfaced, for ex. Visión de la Selva, recently found in a Californian anthropologist's garage. » - Carlos Ferrand



Niños (Spanish, French ST, 16 min)

A day in the life of four kids in Cuzco


Visión de la Selva (Spanish, French ST, 18 min)

Denouncing the exploitation of the Peruvian Amazon forest.


sans titre (silent, 14 min)

This is not a film, but recovered raw footage intended to denounce the inhuman exploitation of Cuzco's load carriers. A simple assembly of shots conveys the filmmaker's astounded indignation.


* Photographs taken during that time will also be exhibited in the lobby of UQAM Jean-Claude-Lauzon theatre.



Spanish OV
/ French ST
Documentary / 48 minutes
Carlos Ferrand, 1971-1976