Land InSights pays tribute to chef Max Gros-Louis

Land InSights bids farewell to Max Gros-Louis, a visionary leader who paved the way for the survival and revival of Indigenous arts. The many eulogies that rightly salute the immense political accomplishments of Chief Gros-Louis should not make us forget the role of promoter and defender of Aboriginal arts
and cultures that he was during his entire life.

In 1967, Max Gros-Louis acted with the late Andrew Delisle Senior of Kahnawake as co-curator of the Indian Pavilion of Canada for the Universal Exhibition of Terres des Hommes. Together, they presided over major works commissions from Indigenous artists such as Alex Janvier to adorn the building. This pavilion is considered to be the starting point for a recognition of Aboriginal arts that will come much later, but that leaders such as Max Gros-Louis have been able
to predict and announce.

Max was also an avid collector: thus, at the entrance to the Hôtel Musée des Premieres Nations in Wendake, visitors can admire paintings from Norval Morisseau's first period painted on kraft paper. These two historical works are jewels from the collection of Max Gros-Louis. Lands in Sights salutes the man of culture, the precursor, the proud warrior of Aboriginal art that was Max Gros-Louis. His legacy is immense, the man will not be forgotten.