Land in Sights welcomes official announcement of the reconciliation policy of the City of Montreal

The organization behind the International Montreal First Peoples Festival acknowledges that the arts, culture, toponymy and heritage are fully recognized as essential vectors of development in the fields of intercultural dialogue and recognition of the First Nations.

Let’s remind that Land in Sights has been, for thirty years, the spearhead of the advancement of Aboriginal arts and cultures in Quebec's cultural metropolis. In 1995, in collaboration with the City, a June 21st ceremony was held on the island of Montreal in the presence of Mayor Bourque. Then, in association with
Pointe-à-Callière, the initiative was launched to bring back to popular memory the signing of the Treaty of the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal, through commemorative celebrations on its tercentenary.

Today, the wind of peace that has been patiently sown becomes a breath of progress that heralds new advances in the path of peace and dialogue. Land in Sights, Society for the Diffusion of Indigenous Culture, thanks the municipal administration and assures to be always present as an innovative partner for the follow-up to be given to the Reconciliation Policy.