National Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration in Montreal Valérie Plante et Ghislain Picard in attendance

The most wonderful June 21 in the world!

Terres en Vues is pleased to invite you to participate in the June 21st Civic Ceremony on the Clock Tower Quay under the theme “Moving Forward on this Land” in the presence of various dignitaries of aboriginal, cultural and politic backgrounds.

In the hi-tech pyramid of Lune Rouge, all the impressive technological tools are put, in the space of one morning, at the service of Indigenous art.

There will be an exceptionally free entrance to the large PY1 installation on the morning of June 21 for all those who will attend the ceremony hosted by Mohawk Elders. On this National Indigenous Day, witness the creation of a multimedia performance by Catherine Boivin, a young Atikamekw artist whose work, with the most contemporary means of expression, will project Aboriginal art into the immediate future. 

This will be the second year that the ceremony is held along this bank of the St-Lawrence River, a historical place of first contact between the Europeans and the Indigenous populations. An installation will be assembled on that exact spot to celebrate the arts and cultures of the Indigenous nations and to symbolize the roots of their cultures. Hence the theme of the 2019 event: “Moving Forward on this Land.”

Meet up at 10:15 am on the Clock Tower Quay to celebrate the National Aboriginal Day.

Video and photography as well as sculpture, painting and performance, multidisciplinary approach is Catherine Boivin’s distinctive mark. Awarded by the Manitou-Kiuna Prize in 2018, she’s studying in visual and medias arts at UQAM. Jogger, Pow Wow dancer, her performance during the État des lieux sur la situation des arts autochtones event (Ondinnok 2017) was surprising as it renewed the traditionnal codes by coupling the social body to the material body.


10:15 am Gathering
10:45 am Entrance in the pyramid
11:15 am Multimedia performance by Catherine Boivin
12:00 pm Unveiling of an ephemeral sculpture
12:20 pm Lighting of the fire and tobacco ceremony
12:30 pm Traditional Mohawk songs and dances with Deer Family Dancers and Singers


For the occasion of the National Aboriginal Day, it will be possible to visit, free of charge, the exhibitions of Rebecca Belmore and Nadia Myre at the MAC Musée d'art comtemporain of Montreal.

Indigenous organizations will also have to occasion to participate in free interactive tours until October 6th, 2019. If you are interested, please book your tours now at marie.plamondon@macm.org.


About Land InSight

LAND InSIGHTS is the driving force behind the Montreal First Peoples Festival, a multidisciplinary artistic and cultural event that makes Montreal the nerve centre of Indigenous creativity from the three Americas in August. Its mission is to link the artistic and cultural renaissance of First Peoples to the cultural dynamics of a major metropolis within a sustainable development perspective based on friendship between peoples, diversity of sources of expression as a collective cultural wealth to share and recognition of the specificity of First Nations.

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