Roads of the future

A notable evolution; from year to year, Montreal becomes more welcoming to expressions of Aboriginal cultures that shine so brightly. Land Insights is more than a little proud to have kept the fires burning for twenty-six years (already!).

Once again our major unifying event is here, the First Peoples Festival, a microcosm and symbol of all ongoing reconciliations.

Montreal, whose beauty lies in its diversity, marches behind the mythic figure of Atahensic, the grandmother of humanity, during the Nuestroamericana Friendship Parade. From the world over, original films express the vitality of Indigenous cultures and First Peoples filmmakers are meeting up here in Montreal for the occasion. The great teepee rises above Place des Festivals, which will vibrate to the drum of the Buffalo Hat Singers as it glitters under the summer sun.

From Odanak, storytellers, basket weavers and log pounders are coming, honouring the ash tree, a threatened species on the Island of Montreal, and Abenaki culture’s emblematic tree. Naskapis bring the spirit of the boreal forest. Mohawks greet us here. We hear singing in Innu; we encounter Inuit, Algonquin and Atikamekw people.

Under the thousand colours of peace, we welcome all to Montréal, Aboriginal land, in these festival days announcing a common future based on respect and friendship.

André Dudemaine