Cuando cierro los ojos

Thursday, April 1 2021 - 6:00 pm
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Mazatec, Mixtec OV
/ english ST
Documentary / 63 minutes
Michelle Ibaven, Sergio Blanco


Cast : Adela García, Marcelino Mejía
Scriptwriter : Sergio Blanco, Michelle Ibaven


Framed by a corrupt Mexican police force and denied an interpreter, two Indigenous inmates finally reveal in their own language the tragic story, as they cling to vivid memories of their loved ones.
Best Documentary Out of the depths of injustice, two voices, one Mazatec, the other Mixtec, tell the story. Their testimonies reveal the injustices of a legal system that crushes and disrespects the innocent. For these stories of broken lives, in which the quiet prison narrative, much more than a simple account of the wrongs committed against Mexico's Indigenous peoples, is an act of resistance to colonial oppression, the jury of Montreal First Peoples Festival awards the prize for Best Documentary to Cuando cierro los ojos by Michelle Ibaven and Sergio Blanco


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Michelle Ibaven


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