Ushui, la luna y el trueno

Ushui, the Moon and the Thunder
Saturday, August 8 2020 - 8:00 pm
Damana OV
/ English ST
Documentary / 72 minutes
Rafael Roberto Mojica Gil


Cast :

Mamo Ramon Gil Barrios Teresa Moscote Mamo Jacinto Gil Daza Maria Agela Alberto Maria Elena Díngula Maria de la Cruz Nacogui Colasa MojicaJuan Ramón Gil Vicente Barros Daza María Luisa Mojica Arregocés Coronado Rafael Mojica Gil Gregorio Mojica Gil Saúl Gil Nakoguí Saumaku Gil Nakoguí Juan Mojica Gil José Nolavita Bolaños

Scriptwriter : Rafael Mojica Gil, Pablo Mora Calderon
Image : Rafael Mojica Gil
Sound recording : Natalia Gualy Lozano, Cristian Vargas, José Nolavita
Editing : Pablo Mora Calderon
Original Music : Traditional Wiwa Music


The Wiwa of the Sierra Nevada ready their cameras. They understand that these are the weapons of the modern age and an effective way of showing the world the damage humans are inflicting on nature. Their message is spread by the Saga, a group of women whose mission is to care for and protect nature’s seeds. Only the moon women or Saga have the power to make contact with the spiritual fathers through song and preserve the ancestral wisdom handed down from generation to generation in the Ushui, the sacred house.


Producer(s) :

Pablo Mora Calderón