Antonio e Piti

Antonio et Piti
Wednesday, August 12 2020 - 8:00 pm
Portuguese OV
/ French ST
Documentary / 78 minutes
Vincent Carelli, Wewito Piyãko


Thirty years ago, a rubber company enslaved a group of Asháninka people, forcing them to tap trees in the lush borderland between Peru and Brazil. The company was expelled by a coalition of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, led by one mixed race couple. The marriage of Francisca Oliveira da Silva (aka Piti) and Antonio Piyako defied the conventions of both their cultures. This documentary explores the journey of the Asháninka people and the ongoing tensions with their white neighbours near the town of Marechal Thaumaturgo. Piti seems reticent to be the matriarch that family anecdotes celebrate. But the portrait developed in the film is one of a strong will and a forceful sense of justice.


Producer(s) :

Video nas Aldeias

Production house or group : Video nas Aldeias