Moe Clark


Saturday, October 31 2020 - 7:00 pm
En ligne

Photo credits: Maude Touchette

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âpihtawikosisâniskwêw multidisciplinary artist Moe Clark fuses together vocal improvisation with multilingual lyricism to create meaning that is rooted in personal legacy and ancestral memory. Her last solo album “Within” toured across North America and her video poem “nitahkôtan” won best indigenous language music video at the ImagiNative film festival. Apart from performance, Moe facilitates creative workshops with an emphasis on land-based embodiment, cultural reclamation and emergent voice. In 2016 she founded nistamîkwan: a transformational arts organization. Her work has appeared the world over, including the Lincoln Centre (US), UBUD Writers & Readers Festival (ID) and Origins Festival in London (UK). /