The Paradigm

Copresentation with Cinema Politica
Tuesday, August 13 2019 - 6:30 pm
Wednesday, August 14 2019 - 6:30 pm


To overcome cancer literally means fighting an invader. In her dreams, a woman sees a healing path unfolds, through both Western and Kanien’kehá:ka medicine.


Producer(s) :

Roxann Whitebean, Tony Manolakakis

Production house or group : Roxann Whitebean Films


Company or organization :

Roxann Whitebean Films

English OV
Fiction / 10 minutes
Roxann Whitebean


Cast :

Summer: Shaynah Decontie Mushum: Bill Constant Young Summer: Keena Thunderblanket

Scriptwriter : Roxann Whitebean
Image : Josh Usheroff
Sound recording : Gabor Vladnay
Editing : Susan Shanks
Original Music : Chris Leon

HAUDENOSAUNEE program / Filmmakers in attendance: Roxann Whitebean, Terry J. Jones, Jonathan Elliott, Jaiden Mitchell

* Tickets tab below is for the August 13th screening in Montréal. August 14th screening in Kahnawake: FREE admission.