Dep, Le

Copresentation with la SAT
Tuesday, August 9 2016 - 9:00 pm


Le Dep is a psychological drama about Lydia, a young Innu woman who works at her father’s convenience store in a small First Nations community in rural Quebec. One night, as she prepares to close up shop, a masked robber enters the store and holds her at gunpoint. This traumatic experience becomes even more troubling when Lydia recognizes her assailant. Before long, she will have to make a decision that will forever change the course of her life.

* Free outdoor screening

** Encore presentation: the director is a nominee for the APTN Award, celebrating the achievement by an Aboriginal filmmaker in Canada during the past year.


Producer(s) :

Jason Brennan

Production house or group : Nish Média


Company or organization :

K-FILMS Amérique / Nish Média

In the same screening

Canada - Québec
French OV
Fiction / 77 minutes
Sonia Bonspille Boileau


Cast :

Eve Ringuette, Charles Buckell-Robertson, Yan England, Marco Collin

Image : Patrick Kaplin
Editing : Randy Kelly
Original Music : Michel Demars