Chasing the light

Saturday, August 6 2016 - 6:30 pm


Tragicomic tribulations after a break up. The Navajo filmmaker composes an unclassifiable film, largely improvised with his friends, who are doing their best to try to prevent him from falling into depression. Mixing a personal chronicle, psychedelic episodes and Jarmusch influences, the film also becomes an ode to the city of Albuquerque and its motley population of artists, small-scale drug dealers and compassionate barmaids.



Producer(s) :

Blackhorse Lowe, D.E. Hyde, Sally Kewayosh

Production house or group : Blackhorse Lowe, Guerilla Digital Productions, Achimowin Films


Company or organization :

Blackhorse Lowe

English OV
Fiction / 100 minutes
Blackhorse Lowe


Cast : Blackhorse Lowe - Riggs Sahar Khadjenoury - Ex - Girlfriend D.E. Hyde - Many Goats Scott Hale - Scooter Patricia Del Rio - Patricia Cody Lightning - Dallas Lydell Mitchell - Ching Sally Kewayosh - Destiny Jason Asenap - Dorel Nasheen Sleuth - Mercedez Kelley Mitchell - Peaches David Begay - Avon Brian Young - Ron Ames
Scriptwriter : Blackhorse Lowe
Image : Blackhorse Lowe, D.E. Hyde, Sally Kewayosh
Sound recording : D.E. Hyde
Editing : Blackhorse Lowe
Original Music : Nathan Young, Tenderizor, DE the Commoner, Lydell Mitchell, TOOMUCHLOUD