Opening of the Montreal First Peoples Festival

100 Tikis - An experimental film by Dan Taulapapa McMullin, in the original multilingual version, USA, 2016, 45 min
Proceeded by short films.

Opening of the Montreal First Peoples Festival Opening

The Montreal First Peoples Festival, known for its careful selection of videos and latest movies, portrays the realities of the Indigenous American world. The touching and remarkable works sprout from an immemorial time which is rooted from the mother land and is revived into contemporary artistic production.

Participation in this event is free. However, to ensure you have a place, you are asked to purchase a ticket. This activity takes place in the auditorium, ticket has fees that costs $ 4 per ticket (taxes) apply. People with no tickets will be allowed in the room only if there are some places left.

--100 TIKIS--
A jubilant and irreverent collage based on the outdated images of colonial exoticism inflicted on the South Pacific and its peoples. Brilliantly executed by a Samoan island native. And beneath this iconic kaleidoscopic wave, a silent storm of anger is brewing.

** On Wednesday: limited number of places.

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Wednesday, August 3 2016 - 8:00 pm
Grande Bibliothèque