DJ XS7 - DJ Khalil M 

MEG 2016In partnership with the Meg festival



In the early years DJ XS7 used many musical instruments, gaining musical talent and experience, which he then transferred to his electro indigenous sound. Quickly rising on the DJ circuit, he performs in some of the hottest nightclubs and events throughout the East Coast, Quebec and Ontario. 

Performing at festivals such as the First People’s Festival in Montreal, the Future Forest Fredericton NB, Inspire New Brunswick and Peace East Nova Scotia he delivers his high-energy electro indigenous sound. He remains an active competitor in Mixing & Production competitions, which most recently brought him to the Infamous National DMC Championship where he finished in 4th in Toronto and received important press coverage across many provinces. 


DJ Khalil M

Co-founder of Montreal-based Speakeasy Electroswing and The Wonky Circus collectives
Psychonaut & Mid Tempo Bass Lover

Khalil’s sounds will take you around the world, from bassy gypsy beats, to vintage whomp and psychedelic roots music

Khalil has had the chance to share the stage with such artists as Gramatik, The Funk Hunters, JPOD, Defunk, Mr. Bill, Adam Shaikh, Whitebear, Rising Appalachia, DJ Zen, Androcell, Dunklebunt, Smokey Joe & The Kid, Dutty Moonshine, The Sweet Life Society, Al Lindrum, Dj Delay, Dj Pony and many more...



Saturday, August 6 2016 - 8:30 pm
Place des Festivals