Maori & Pasifika - Program I

Wednesday, August 8 2018 - 6:00 pm


Mana Wahine Shorts

Short films directed and written by, or strongly featuring, Maori and Pasifika women.

With guest:
Deborah Walker, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Te Ahi Kai Pō – by Shae Sterling (Māori)

NEW-ZEALAND – 2018 – 6M – english, maori o.v., french subt.

A lyrical and poetic music video.

Roto – by Louise Potiki Bryant (Māori)

NEW-ZEALAND – 2017 – 8M – english, maori o.v., french subt.

Inspired by Lake Wānaka in Te Wai Pounamu, acclaimed artist Louise Potiki Bryant presents a striking dance film that explores our consciousness and emotional state, embodied within the word “roto” meaning both “lake” and “within”. With this film the lake becomes a metaphor for our consciousness, and the surface of the lake is likened to our emotional state.

Moon Melon – by Trina Peterrz (Samoan)

NEW-ZEALAND – 2017 – 9M – english, maori o.v., french subt.

A group of young Polynesian women trying to break cultural boundaries and gender stereotypes within their community find themselves and something else.

Mouse – by Lani-Rain Felton (Māori)

NEW-ZEALAND – 2018 – 15M – english, maori o.v., french subt.

A couple faced with a small animal’s suffering don’t know what to do; she suggests stepping on its head but he prefers to cover it up. Winner - Best Actress Māori 2018 Wairoa Maori Film Festival

Laundry – by Becs Arahanga (Māori), Producer Julian Arahanga

NEW-ZEALAND – 2017 – 10M – english, maori o.v., french subt.

A funny, light-hearted, and cringingly relatable story about love life after marriage. Starring Aidee Walker and Jarod Rawiri.

Waiting – by Amberley Jo Aumua (Pasifika/Māori), Writer Samuel Kamu (Pasifika)

NEW-ZEALAND – 2017 – 12M – english, maori o.v., french subt.

Two best friends become brothers as they wait for a life-changing phone-call. Winner – Best Short, NZ’s Best, NZIFF 2017, TIFF 2017.

New Zealand
Maori, English, French OV
Other / 60 minutes
selection of shorts, multiple directors