Ara Pyau - A Primavera Guarani

Ara Pyau - The Guarani Spring
Sunday, August 12 2018 - 8:30 pm


In a village within the city of São Paulo, 800 Guaranis live or survive, with their culture, their language and traditions. Guided by the spirit of Nanhderu, they get organized to fight for their rights once their lands are demarcated in 2016. In an act of resistance and audacity, they occupy the transmission towers of the Jaraguá Peak. In the clash of forces, the warriors interrupt Rede Globo's transmission and disrupt the metropolitan trains network.


Producer(s) :

Marcelo Krowczuk

Production house or group : Laranjeiras cine e vídeo


Company or organization :

Laranjeiras Cinema e Cultura

In the same screening

Guarani, Portuguese OV
/ English ST
Documentary / 76 minutes
Carlos Eduardo Magalhães


Scriptwriter : Carlos Eduardo Magalhães
Image : Carlos Eduardo Magalhães, Priscila Tapajoara, Kico Santos
Sound recording : Carlos Eduardo Magalhães, Priscila Tapajoara, Kico Santos
Editing : Carlos Eduardo Magalhães
Original Music : Original songs of Guarani People, Clarice Assad