Closing film - Circle of Nations 2: Women


Indigenous women unite their voices

SYNOPSIS: The 2018 edition of the INAAC collective feature focuses on Indigenous women and offers contemporary points of views on various issues such as identity, land and femininity from Indigenous filmmakers based in Canada, Bolivia, Chile, Panama and Peru.


Year: 2018
Duration: 61 minutes

Produced by Wapikoni Mobile and INAAC

In collaboration with OXFAM-Québec, McGill University, Escuela de Cine y Comunicación Mapuce del Ayja Rewe Budi and CIASE.

Directed by Aypi Llacolen Ancan Naipio, Mónica Luisa Ancan Naipio, Ayelen Atton Cayuqueo, Silvia Calfuqueo Lefio, Leufu Kvyen Calfuqueo Painefil, Ayen Alhe Contreras Calfuqueo, Kajfv Malen Contreras Calfuqueo , Julio José Contreras Calfuqueo, Matias Curitol Calfuqueo, Awkan Kvrvf Espinel Chehuin, Ivonne González Monsalve, Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier, Daniela Naipio Freire, Nawel Painefil Vejar, Martin Perez Painefil, Aukyn Rain Ancan, Carolina Trayen Rain Ancan, Lihuen Rain Ancan, Juan Rain Blanco, Ale Margarita Rain Soto, Charlene McConini, Sarah McPherson, Joleen Mitton, Helena Lewis, Maryanne Junta, Elisa Moar, Luis Ariel Tovar, Olga Yaneth Bonilla Charry, François Laurent, Jean-Charles PiétachoAnalicia Lopez, Isac Dogirama, Ivan Jaripio, Lauliano Martinez, Mélodie Jourdain. Eva Kaukai,Manon Chamberland, Karen Pinette Fontaine, Jacqueline Michel, Jani Bellefleur Kaltush, Ginger Cote and the Wapikoni Mobile team.



Wednesday, August 15 2018 - 7:00 pm
Grande Bibliothèque