Dates - July 31st to August 8th 2012

The Earth is an Offering

La Terre est une offrandeLa Terre est une offrande
June 22 - September 3

Young mohawks artists

Le Centre de l’Image et de l’Estampe de Mirabel (CIEM) welcomes young people from Kanehsatake in a learning and creation process that continues to produce astonishing works of art.

From sage to sagacity, a crazy quilt of weeds and flowers grows by the roadside. From the Three Sisters, maize, squash and beans, to tobacco and other fragrant grasses, Mohawk agricultural expertise and this First Nation’s deep knowledge of their environment are an extremely rich cultural legacy. Medicinal, food and useful plants from the Mohawk tradition have become a starting point for CIEM apprentices to explore their creativity.

Graphic arts techniques become access routes to a longer journey. The young printmakers from Kanehsatake are mapping their own universe. As they unroll these maps of their ancestry, imaginations and hopes, they reveal a territory that is both intimate and vast, extending from themselves to others and reverberating from others back to themselves.

An exhibit curated by Suzie Pilon, coordinator of Centre de l’Image et de l’Estampe de Mirabel (CIEM).

Located in Mirabel, CIEM provides young people from Kanehsatake access to top-quality equipment and trainers/teachers/educators, in its apprenticeship program. This initiation to traditional printmaking techniques and new imagery technology culminates in a travelling exhibit.

For more information : 450 479-8331

Please note that for CIEM's exhibitions, it is suggested to call before going on site to make sure that the exhibition is opened.