August 2 - 9, 2011

Down the Mighty River: The River That Heals (Episode 1)

Thursday, August 4 - 6:30 pm
Canada |
2010 |
English, James Bay Cree OV
/ English ST
| 22m
Ernest Webb, Lisa M. Roth

It’s the final summer for the Rupert River as we know it. One of the last wild rivers in North America is about to be diverted for a major hydroelectric project. Ten Cree paddlers embark on a 6-week, 600-kilometre journey down the Rupert River, to witness it one last time. For a culture that has gone through a rapid and painful social change, and for whom living off the land is no longer a viable option, this is also a voyage of healing for the Cree, into their unique cultural legacy.