August 2 - 9, 2011


Sunday, August 7 - 5:00 pm
USA/Canada |
2010 |
English OV
| 17m
Sally Kewayosh

It’s the last week of Mary and Delilah’s first year of high school. This year has been full year of new experiences – including burgeoning love interests. The gals have joined the teen courting ritual of Walpole Island by hanging out at the skate park. Despite the fact that they are opposites on pretty much every level – Mary is chubby and bookish while Delilah is a skinny rebel – the gals are joined at the hip and closer than conjoined twins. The girls’ closeness is threatened by the emergence of the reservation heartbreaker, Jimmy. At 16 he has everything these girls want – a cool deck, a cool attitude and best of all a cool prepubescent moustache. Through misunderstandings and hurt feelings at the big birthday party, the girls reach a new level of friendship as they learn to navigate the craziness of young love.