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Place des festivals

Wednesday, August 10

1 pm

Place des Festivals

1499, Rue Jeanne-Mance, Montréal, Québec.

The Dime Collective

The Dime Collective is based in Montreal and operates between Rome, Italy, and Canada. Members include: Eruoma Awashish (Atikamekw of Opitciwan, Wemontaci), Nahka Bertrand (Acho Dene Koe First Nation/Québécois), Sarah Cleary (Innu, Mashteuiatsh), and Sarah Zakaib (Second Generation Italo-Lebanese). Drawing from a range of expertise in the visual arts, fashion, pow wow dance culture, and the everyday, the group designed a set of wearable art pieces made from dimes that they performed live over the course of the pandemic. They are the recipients of a Canada Council for the Arts Grant and mentored under artist Maria Hupfield. 

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