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Saturday, August 13 - 8:30 pm
Place des Festivals

Matiu is from Maliotenam, an Innu community on Québec’s Côte-Nord(North Shore). With his guitar, the singer-songwriter performs folk blues and weaves lyrics in French and Innu-aimun. After releasing a first album, Petikat, and touring the province as well as Africa, Texas, Europe, and Canada, Matiu is back with a new EP and tour, Tipatshimushtunan or “Tell Us in English. Through lyrics that explore his daily life, human and family relations, as well as the Indigenous quest for identity, he tells both his personal and his community’s story. His stand-out performances captivate his audiences who are charmed by his colourful, endearing, and authentic personality. With his infectious energy, Matiu’s concerts are as festive as they are moving, full of humour and sensitivity. The reactions to his projects have been unanimous and he becomes a fan favourite each time he goes on stage. He is sure to bring wonderful diversity to the program. 

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