Exhibition: Parallel Pathways

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Exhibition: Parallel Pathways

Centre for Sustainable Development |  August 1st to August 28th 2022

The Voies Parallèles project is first and foremost a social and collective documentary podcast whose mission is to have a positive impact on Québec’s society by providing education on the plurality of Québec’s First Nations as well as concrete tools inspired by the AFNQL’s Action Plan on Racism and Discrimination and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples,

Written by Laurence Depelteau-McEvoy and Michelle L. Gerrior, this exhibition summarizes and depicts each’s episode’s main topics, including Indigenous governance and leadership, the land and it’s interconnectedness with Indigenous languages and identity, cultural safety in the education, health and social services sectors, the legal traditions, the right to self-determination, and the spiritual philosophies of some First Nations.

This exhibition fosters openness and dialogue between nations and shines a light on the various Indigenous demands in order to better understand them.

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